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What we do

We provide an easier and more convenient way for beauty supply store owners to market and sell their merchandise directly to consumers, while servicing consumers with on-demand delivery in one hour or less, all through one mobile app.

Who we serve

Last Minute Hair is the liaison to beauty industry. Our platform allows businesses to reach and aquire new customers, while allowing consumers to search for beauty products in their area.

Through our mobile app consumers can view competitive pricing from stores within a 40 miles radius then purchase for instant delivery within just one hour or less. Our goal is to make it easier for beauty enthuasist, like yourselves, to obtain your favorite hair and cosmetic brands at the price you want to pay, while supporting local small businesses in your area.

” I would love a delivery service. I am in a small town and have to drive 45 minutes to get professional products. I’m always in need of something and I can’t always get to the store. So having a delivery service takes away from planning and using gas.”

Deshawna Scott
IG @olivia_astonstyles
Licensed Cosmetologist since 2015

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It’s our mission to ensure you have a positive experience with our company. We’ve put together, a list of FAQs. However, if you do not see the answer to your question, head over to, Tell me about yourself, and give us your feedback or Contact us. We will respond typically within 48 – 72 hours.

Are you the owner of a physical beauty supply store or plan on opening a store? Allow Last Minute Hair to help you go mobile. Enhance your visibilty, increase your monthly sales and provide your customer the convenience of on demand delivery by joining our secure platform. Text “Supplier” to 888111 or CLICK HERE.

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