Beauty Supply Store/ Virgin Hair Supplier Benefits

Grow your business and

Increase your earning potential

We provide a platform for you to market your business directly to consumers through our mobile app.

  • Direct Marketing– We provide you with a seamless connection to new and current customers for your business within a 40 miles radius. 
  • Delivery Service – We provide your store with its own delivery service included in your package cost. We take care of all the overhead expenses.
  • Increase visibility – Users within a 40 miles range will be able to view your stores location, hours of operations and inventory. You now have the ability to not only market to more people on one platform but sell to more people as well. 
  • Inventory analysis – With our P.O.S. system you can control what inventory gets listed on the platform as well as the quantity and see in real time which items are selling and which items to restock. This controls how merchandise is sold and allows the ability to sell in two places at one time.
  • Two- step payment verification – We have reduced the chances of fraud or theft. Before we send over an order, we ensure that the customer has confirmed their purchase with a verification code the will have to agree to the purchase. Only after they have confirmed, will we then process the order.
  • Competitively priced subscription packages – We offer the lowest most beneficial subscription packages. Our goal is to see your business grow.
  • Separate P.O.S. system– We provide a separate back office system. Control what items and their quantity that’s featured on the platform. No worries about competing with instore inventory. Our smart system will remove any product that is low stock or sold out so there’s no need for you to keep track.
  • Identifiable drivers – Our drivers  wear our company’s uniformed shirt and identification badge. These are the only people you will pass the merchandise off to for delivery. Our goal is to protect your inventory, making sure the transition of B2C is seamless. If a driver is not in uniform they are not to handle any goods.
  • Refund protection– User can only exchange products that they received damaged or incorrect. However, our drivers are responsible for verifying all  orders prior to leaving your store. And customer will sign off with a code that must match that of the order to ensure accurate delivery.
  • List classes and events – Post and register our users to any class or private event you are hosting.
  • White labeling options – Make our app your own, all while still using our delivery service.

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