Frequently Asked Questions

So you own a beauty supply store and now looking to take it up a notch

We have compile a list of FAQs to help clarify what we provide at Last Minute Hair and how we can help increase your daily sales.
In the event you do not see the answers to your questions, please Contact Us so that we can serve you better.

Setting up my store

How do I list my store?

To list your store contact us to set up a consultation. Click here to get started

Can I get help signing up?

Yes, one of our account managers will walk you through your initial set up. If additional help is needed we are available during the hours of 9am -6pm.

I just opened my beauty supply store, can I join?

Yes, this would be the best time to join to communicate with your customers better and enhance visibility.

How will customers find my store?

When a member uses the app in search for a particular item, if your store is within 40 miles carrying that item your store will pop up on the screen. The member can then select your store and continue to shop from your inventory.

Will I have to purchase additional hardware?

Everything is processed and stored virtually no paper or additional hardware needed. Access your store by phone or tablet.

How does the POS software work?

Once your inventory has been uploaded, your store will be ready to go live on the platform within 24 hrs. You will receive a confirmation that your store is ready to go live. You can open and close your store simply by logging into your account and activating your store. We recommend signing on using a tablet device.

How long will it take for my store to go live?

Your store will become live on the mobile app 24 hours after you have fully uploaded your information.

What if I no longer have an item in stock?

In the event you have sold out of an item you reserved for online orders. You should immediately log into your portal and adjust the quantity to “0” available. This will help eliminate confusion and upset customers.

How do I add or remove a store?

To add or remove a store simply contact your account manager to get started. Removal of a store will take effect at the next billing cycle. To avoid your store being active on the platform, do not activate it.

I have more than one store location, can I add them all under one account?

Each store will have its own account. We will need to upload the inventory for each additional store along with hours of operation, contact information and address.

Can I change my Sales Rep/ Account Manager?

At Last Minute Hair we aim to ensure a positive experience when working with any of our team members. However, in the event that you are not receiving the type of care needed to have the most success. Contact us at our corporate email address to file a complaint and request a change. We will start the process of reassignment within 48 hours of receiving your request.

What happens if I want to remove my store?

Your store will be available until the end of your billing cycle at which point your store will be processed completely out of our system. If you have more than one store unn the event that you would want to remove your store from our platform, you can do so by contacting your appointed account manager over your account you can remove an individual store. The store removed will be reflected by your next billing cycle. You have the ability to leave your store in shut down mode to prevent it from being live on the site.


What if there’s a feature I want, but it is not available in my current package?

In the event there are features you would like but are not available under your plan. you can purchase upgrades a la carte.

What happens if I want to downgrade my membership?

In the event you would like to downgrade your membership you can do so by contacting your account manager. Any downgrade will take effect by the next billing cycle.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time without penalty. Any cancellation made after billing renewal will take effect at the next billing date.


How do I control my inventory?

You will determine how many items you would like listed on the platform and we will help you keep track of how many items are sold.

How do I get my inventory listed?

You will receive access to LMH POS software that is already integrated into the mobile application. You only have to upload your inventory onto the platform associated with your store.

How do I get paid for my inventory?

Payments for online orders are deposited every Thursday. Last day sales are 5pm on Wednesday. All sales after 5pm will be processed the following Thursday. Payments will be deposited into the account you have entered upon set-up.


What are the benefits of delivering through Last Minute Hair?

Direct mobile marketing, inventory analysis, and direct distribution to customers within a 40 miles radius. With joining Last Minute Hair not only are you marketed through our mobile app, your business will be listed in our beauty directory. We ensure that customers are able to keep in consistent contact with your business.

If I do not use all my free deliveries in one month do they roll over?

Free deliveries do not roll over into the next month.

Who delivers the orders?

Last Minute Hair has a fleet of contracted and full-time drivers that will pick up and deliver all orders through the mobile application. In the event you have orders that have not been picked up 15 minutes after completion contact us immediately and we will send a driver to close out your order ticket.

Can a customer pick up in store after ordering through the app?

A customer can not create an order and then pick it up themselves.

How much time do I have to fulfill an order?

Once you open your beauty supply store and start receiving orders, you will have 30 minutes to complete each order.

What happens to an order that has not been picked up?

Orders that have not been picked up, should be reported to Last Minute Hair within 15 minutes of assigned pick up time. We will reassign the order for pick up.

What happens if I am too busy to fulfill orders?

In the event you become too busy to keep up with orders you can request a Last Minute Hair Beauty Hero. This is a member of the Last Minute Hair team that will come to your store to solely fulfill orders.


What happens if the customer wants to return an item?

All sales are final through the Last Minute Hair platform. An exchange for an item equaling the price of the item being exchanged, is at the store’s discretion, at which point the user will provide proof of purchase through their account profile.

Referral Program

How does the referral program work?

You will receive $150 cash back for every retailer that joins our platform from your recommendation.

Have a beauty supply store and looking to learn about new products launching into the market?

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