About L.M.H.

Hello, my name is Tiffany Shelly. I am a full time licensed cosmetologist and founder of Last Minute Hair.
Last Minute Hair is a delivery service exclusively catering to the beauty industry. We make it easy for local beauty supply stores and beauty creators to market and sell their merchandise directly to consumers through our mobile app. In addition to that, we provide on-demand delivery from B2C (business to consumer), in just one hour or less.

I came up with this concept after years of being frustrated when it came to restocking my hair supplies for work. I regularly travel to different beauty supply stores, searching for the right hair or product I need to complete a service, and it was a real pain most times. I knew I was not the only person dealing with this headache. My fellow beauty professionals and clients alike would have so much trouble finding the supplies they needed, especially in the middle of a hair appointment. The alternative would be having to scour the internet for products and wait for 3 to 5 business days for an item needed right now, or improvise.

I decided, enough is enough. I wanted something that not only would bring convenience to consumers, but also assist small beauty businesses within the community by helping to increase visibility and profit.

Tiffany Shelly
CEO, Last Minute Hair L.L.C.